Data Files

In order to obtain the SPSS data files mentioned throughout How2statsbook, I ask that you "buy me a coffee" (bmc). This process is managed through a reputable website (and verified Stripe partner) that gives people the opportunity to say 'thank you' to online content creators.

You simply need to click on the (bmc) link below associated with the Chapter bundle to "buy me a coffee" (i.e., $3). This will allow you to download the .zip folder (with SPSS data files) from my Google Drive.

Chapters 1 to 16 (134 SPSS Data Files: $8):

NB: The following two data files are mentioned in the textbook but is missing from the above file. Click on the data file name to download the data file.

Chapter 5: self_vs_records_gpa.sav
Chapter 9: seatbelt_wearing.sav


The data files associated with chapters 17 and 18 can be downloaded free of charge.

Chapter 17 - Logistic Regression: handedness_dyslexia, absenteism_turnover

Chapter 18 - Exploratory factor Analysis: wais_video_games, wais_video_games_cor_matrix